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(CLEARANCE) Boom Felazi Genie Rig Bubbler

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The artist behind Boom Felazi has been creating beautiful functional glass art for over 12 years. Known for his carved tube designs, Boom Felazi’s work is striking on the inside and out. The percolation systems on a Boom Felazi tube, such as his fixed crown percolators and inline diffusers, produce incredibly smooth pulls and elevate function to form. Boom Felazi is one of the hottest glass blowers in southern California working with all American glass. Get some of this glass art while you can!

This Genie Rig Bubbler from Boom Felazi gets it’s name from it genie lamp-like shape. It features a grip ring for a comfortable smoking experience as well as prevents the piece from being dropped as easily. This piece also features a dome holder at the top so that you have a convenient place to set your dome while heating your nail.

Unique Genie Rig Design
Glass Grip Ring
Bent Mouthpiece
Stemless Design
Colored Accents
Dome Holder
Height: 6.5″
Base Diameter: 2.5″
Joint Size: 14mm
Made in Riverside, California
NOTE: This is an individually handcrafted art piece. Exact details/accessories/colors may vary slightly.

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