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  • Empire Glasswork has made the ultimate Dragon Sphere themed handpipe. Fans will love smoking out of this beautiful high quality dichroic glass pipe adorned with this legendary dragon and his balls!

    American […]

  • When you see how realistic this hand pipe is, no one can hear you scream! This amazing Alien themed handpipe features glow in the dark teeth, green slyme drips, and an glass opal in the middle clear nub. A must […]

  • Blast off with this amazing water pipe by Empire Glassworks! This is one of Empire Glassworks’ flagship pieces and it features amazing detail throughout. It features a honeycomb percolator to provide excellent […]

  • Wishing you can escape your daily grind and head to an exotic environment? Looking for seclusion and serenity? Then this “Paradise Island” water pipe is just what you need! This dazzling water pipe features lush […]

  • This magnificent piece by Sesh Supply is out of this world! The base and main chamber is decorated and covered by fumed glass marbles. The Apollo features a 14.5mm female joint, fixed downstem, and […]

  • Description

    This dab rig is stout in stature but delivers big hits! This highly functional recycler by Diamond Glass features a fixed diffused downstem perc to diffuse your choice of smoke. The exceptional […]

  • This honeycomb rig by Hemper Co was featured in their June box. It features a honeycomb disc percolator with multiple diffusion holes to diffuse your favorite smoke or concentrates. In addition to the excellent […]

  • This Empire Glassworks Mushroom Patch Banger Hanger Bong is artistic and fully functional, just like all the other products Empire make. This bong features a mushroom patch “growing” out of the chamber, and a 14mm […]

  • The 1.5″ 2 part Grinder with Clear Top and Push-up Bottom by Kraken features an easy-clean button. When you’re done grinding, simply remove the cap and push the push-up bottom to empty the contents of your […]

  • This ashcatcher features a 90 degree joint, as well as an inset percolator. The inset percolator makes for a smoother, cleaner, and tastier inhale. Add this glass ashcatcher onto any female jointed glass water […]

  • This scientific glass ashcatcher features an 11 arm tree percolator. The wide chamber allows the tree perc to fully filter your smoke to enjoy smoother hits and a cleaner tobacco bong. Available in your choice of […]

  • The legends were true: you’ve found the Holy Grail! Who would’ve thought it would be a dab nail? This banger nail got its name for helping deliver the most heavenly of rips due to its slitted dish that increases […]

  • Featuring the newest developments in dab nail technology, the Quartz Thermal Banger Nail has a groundbreaking design. The inset design of the quartz nail keeps your concentrates and oils precisely where they […]

  • This domeless quartz banger nail is a unique concentrate accessory that provides several benefits over a standard quartz nail. The innovative banger design is available in your choice of clear joint sizes (10mm, […]

  • The Extreme Q Vaporizer by Arizer has been remodeled and revamped to be a fully functional dual use dry herb vaporizer. The user can choose whether to enjoy their vapor through a whip attachment or through a […]

  • Similar to the Volcano Classic, the Volcano Digital vaporizer has the ability to be used with dry herbs or with concentrates. The Volcano Digital has patented technology that not only removes harmful tars and […]

  • Height: 10.00″
    Base: 5.50″
    Joint: 18mm
    Slide: 14mm
    Perc: Gridded downstem
    Glass Thickness: 5mm x 38mm

    Artist: HVY Glass
    Made in California

  • Great little travel bubblers and priced just right. They come in a variety of colors and styles but each one is a great little bubbler.

    Size: 4.50″ (tall) x 1.5″ (wide)

    Artist: No label Glass
    Made in China

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